Stainless Steel Business Cards

Stainless Steel Business Cards

What are the advantages of Stainless Steel Business Cards?

Despite the digital age, business cards are still an indispensable way to share contact information at various events and meetings. Business cards are needed to impress, to convey contact information, to identify your business as well as yourself. Business card is not only a contact field, it is a high degree of expression of individuality and status of the owner.

But with ordinary cardboard business cards, it's hard to impress others. Stainless Steel - symbol of reliability, strength and stability. This can be used with success, choosing it as the basis for business cards. Stainless Steel Business Cards will leave a lasting impression on potential customers, business partners, etc. because they are not standard cards - they are exclusive not only because of their durable material but also because of their design, they can also have design cutouts, various letter formatting with different types of reliefs, and other design elements. Along with the practical side, these products have powerful hidden potential, using which will create an image of a successful person or company.

Today Stainless Steel business cards positioned as Luxury products.

We offer unique, high-quality, luxury stainless steel metal business cards in silver, gold, black and bronze base. It is so important to stand out in the business world. Let us help you.

Attract more customers & make an unforgettable impression with steel business cards!

FDS Cards offers metal cards with original designs custom-made by our designers, which are created according to customer wishes.

We provide FREE Steel business card design and FREE delivery to your office!

Get your steel business cards now

Black base steel business card

2 color both side printing. Frosted card base. UV printing. 3mm thickness.

Steel business cards

gold base steel business card

1 color both side printing. Frosted card base. Laser cutting. 3mm thickness.

Gold Steel business cards

Bronze base steel business card

Engraving. Laser cutting. 3mm thickness.

Bronze Steel business cards

Silver base steel business card

1 color printing. Laser cutting. 3mm thickness.

Silver Steel business cards



„FDS cards” is a London based company with many years of experience in the European market. Having many clients from the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and the Baltic States. We offer high-quality membership card printing services from plastic, metal or wood and innovative loyalty system. Our creative designers will make a FREE card design and recommend to you the best specifications for your company. We also provide FREE delivery to your office!


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