Plastic Gift Cards Printing

High-Quality custom made Plastic Gift card printing services for your company. Revard your customers now! We will help you also with design services and we will make a gift card design for Free. 

We can produce plastic, RFID, transparent plastic, or wooden gift cards. To get the best result for your company we use advanced machinery equipment. Full-color plastic gift cards are particularly suited to photographic images and graphics that include gradients. The thickness of the plastic gift cards is 760 microns, which is the same as a standard credit card. Plastic Gift cards can be personalized with printed or embossed gold, silver, black or white color numbers, QR codes, or barcodes.

Express and Worldwide plastic GIFT Cards Delivery


  • glossy or matte surface;
  • white, gold or silver silkscreen card base or elements;
  • UV or foil details;
  • QR or barcode on cards;
  • printed or embossed numbers or customer names.

Free Gift Card Design + Free Shipping - Get it now!


„FDS cards” is a London based company with many years of experience in the European market. Having many clients from the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and the Baltic States. We offer high-quality membership card printing services from plastic, metal or wood and innovative loyalty system. Our creative designers will make a FREE card design and recommend to you the best specifications for your company. We also provide FREE delivery to your office!



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