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    Covid-19 Certificate Printout On Plastic Card

    We offer to print your Covid digital certificate on a plastic card (the size of a bank credit card) for convenient transfer and durability. In this format, all data is easy to read, the QR code is scanned qualitatively, which allows you to visit institutions that request to present a Covid vaccination or disease certificate.

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    • To your address - 20€
    Manufacturing process

    1) Send us your digital certificate in .pdf version to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    2) We will enter your data (QR code, name, date of birth, and certificate number) from your certificate on the plastic card design;
    3) We will make the card within one day and deliver it in 1-3 days to your address.

    Remember that a Covid certificate is only valid with an identity document!

    We do not issue covid certificates! We offer to print a copy of your existing certificate on a plastic base. Your data is not stored with us, it is not passed on to third parties and all data security regulations (GDPR) are observed.


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    Our customers trust us and rate us "Excellent"

    • Rouzbeh Karbor

      Metal Business Cards
      Sept 30, 2020
      Recommended company! I was sceptical about this company but everything turned out 100% legit and they even helped me a lot on the design.Ask for Vitaly, he helped me out good. Recommended

    • Andriel (CNG Digital Group)

      Metal Business Cards
      Jun 12, 2020

      The quality of metal cards is brilliantand the service provided is all around excellent.FDS Cards made a free design and deliver cards for free. :) Great communication and easy to deal with. I would happily recommend it.

    • Sandis Spolītis

      Metal Business Cards
      Fev 4, 2020

      Excellent service, speed and quality. I definitely can recommend FDS Cards!

    • Ivan Bifano (WeYeah! GmbH)

      Metal Business Cards
      Dec 9, 2020

      Highly recommended: high quality of the cards production, customized design and delivery for free,very competitive price and (above all) an outstanding Customer service, as Mr. Vitaly Kolotikov and the madam at the chat are very kind, quick to reply and helpful. A best-practice case about ecommerce.

    • M. Victoria

      Metal Business Cards
      Dec 6, 2020

      As a company we regularly order from "FDS Cards". Since finding this company and placing my first order I have never looked back.
      Well done "FDS Cards" team and thank you for excellent service and outstanding quality!

    • Mike Johnson

      Metal Business Cards
      Dec 6, 2019

      FDS Cards provided really good service from day one. We have always had high-quality goods. We cooperate with this company for more than 2 years and we will be coming back to buy our metal membership cards in the future.

    • Agnes

      Metal Business Cards
      Jan 7, 2020

      Many thanks to FDS Cards for making our vision come true.
      I have had many compliments on our business metal cards.
      The design is outstanding. Been recommending you guys since.
      Definitely on the top of the game.

    • Oliver M.

      Metal Business Cards
      Jan 10, 2020

      Recommended for everyone. We have used FDS Cards now on several
      occasions and they have always delivered high-quality business cards.
      Recommended for everyone who would like to get creative cards.

    • Mandy

      Metal Business Cards
      Jan 3, 2020

      Great loyalty solution for our business. After this solution, we get much more loyal customers and now we better understand their needs. We order also for our VIP customers black metal cards and they look very cool. FDS Cards do all the best for our company's needs.
      Thanks a lot for this great solution. :)

    • Thomas G.

      Metal Business Cards
      Jan 10, 2020

      Very good and professional service. Excellent quality of metal business cards. I will definitely use FDS Cards again.

    • Ernestas Bilius

      Metal Business Cards
      Oct 16, 2020

      Good job, I am really impressed 👌

    • Aleksander

      Metal Business Cards
      Jan 10, 2020

      Everything as promised, great loyalty and feedback solution
      as well as loyalty cards. Highly recommended!

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      ABOUT US

      FDS Cards is a London based company that has been operating for many years internationally. We offer high-quality Covid-19 certificate printout on plastic card for different european countries for companies, governmentual institutions and individuals. 



      UK Office:
      71-75 Shelton Street, London,
      Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

      USA Office:
      1390 Market St #200, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

      Baltics Office:
      Matisa street 78a, Riga, Latvia, LV-1009


      E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      MOB+44 79 3411 6739

      WHATSAPP AT: +44 79 3411 6739