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Every professional deserves to be the best, so every professional should have the best business card!

Accidental contact with a potential customer or partner on the sidewalk can create endless profit opportunities, so it is especially important to leave an outstanding impression that will ensure a stable relationship in the future. In the case of a new contact, the business card is the first impression of you and the company you represent. If the business card you provide is thoughtful, relevant, and attractive, then this positive impression will become lasting in the other person's memory. The business card will not only fulfill its practical functions but will also reflect the individuality, image, and brand value of your company. A great business card is an essential addition to any marketing strategy.

Despite today's globally digitized world, a business card is still the best way to communicate face to face with new channels of opportunity. Through the best business card, this relationship will develop quickly.  


To answer this question, you need to be aware of two factors:

  • How your brand is positioned in the market or how it is perceived by the consumer;
  • What effect, the result you want to achieve or how you'd like to look in customer's eyes.


When creating a work of design, artists keep in mind that certain elements and characteristics have a higher visual weight than others. These guidelines are usually applied, although each composition is different, and the compositional elements always treat other elements. Colors have three main characteristics - value, saturation, and hue, sometimes also transparency, which affects their visual weight. A color circle is the first step in understanding color interaction. Traditionally, the color circle and theory are widely used in visual arts such as drawing and painting.  Today, color theory is also important in graphic design.

Line thickness creates a separate specificity of the best business card. Different textures help to highlight or hide the required areas. The background and foreground balance each other. Objects against the edge or corner of the business card have a higher visual weight and will visually compensate for the heavy elements in the best business card composition.

When you view the shapes, squares usually have a higher visual weight than circles, and more complex shapes such as trapezoids, hexagons, and pentagons usually have a higher visual weight than simpler shapes (circles, squares, and ovals). The size of the shape is very important. Larger shapes are visually heavier than smaller shapes, but a group of small shapes can visually equate to a large-form value. 


Balance in art is one of the basic principles of design, as well as contrast, movement, emphasis, pattern, and unity. Balance refers to how artistic elements (line, shape, color, value, space, texture) are interconnected in composition in their visual balance. When working with colors and sizes, it's important to create a hierarchy, how the information will be structured, and how priority segments in the theme will be distributed. The visual hierarchy helps you navigate the content of a best business card, or which information should be received first. It is important to maintain a convenient understanding of the information and appropriate interpretation of the best business card to the recipient.


To create the best business card you need to go on a patient, thoughtful path. But why often, a perfectly designed business card doesn't work as planned? Making the best business card is not difficult, but you need to know your target audience and the desires and needs it will respond to. Nowadays, society is tired of the lack of unnecessary information, so it is essential to create the best business card directly for its potential customer or partner.

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